CCTV Systems

Whether you’re away from home or the business, let CCTV Security Cameras keep guard of your safety!

Do you know what happens when you’re away from your home or business?  Are you really sure that your employees can be trusted?  Are you leaving your valuables at risk ?  Now CCTV Kenya can take the worrying out of life with our CCTV security and surveillance cameras.

Don’t leave your home or business vulnerable to robbers, thieves, or other unsavory characters.  Let our experts  provide you with the security cameras installation you need to keep everything you hold dear safe and sound.

Our security cameras and CCTV monitors have multiple advantages, whether you’re looking for a home or business security solution. Our team consists from factory trained, certified, and licensed technicians. CCTV Kenya offers guarantees and warranties on our work, so you know you’ll be 100% satisfied with our services.   Availability of $2 MM Liability Insurance allows us to work in any co-op or luxury city building.
Don’t leave your home or business vulnerable to crime.  We will protect you, your loved ones, and your employees from robberies, along with the heartbreak that comes along with it.
DTV Installations is the premier closed circuit television service in the Tri-State area, with additional services including audio/video integration systems, complete security solutions, shading systems, TV mounting, intercom systems solutions, and more.