Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors save lives. Installing a smoke alarm is the first step to keeping your family safe.

Few things are more destructive to your home and property than a fire, but early warning is the difference between tragedy and loss of life. Let us  help protect your family and business from this danger. We are a dealer of fire alarms in Kenya. From a basic smoke detector to a fire alarm system for residential or commercial properties, we are ready to provide the system you need.

We are ready to discuss your requirements, and can offer a fire alarm system wholesale because our company is a fire alarm system distributor.

In the unfortunate occurrence of a fire at your  business, early notification is key to getting people to safety and grabbing what you need as you safely exit. Without an early warning system, by the time you know you are in danger, it is almost too late. You want to have a fire alarm system in place to notify you of the danger before it is a crisis.

And in the name of emergency preparedness, even if you choose not to purchase a fire alarm from us, we want to encourage you to set up a plan and discuss it with your loved ones and employees:

  • Know where you will meet.
  • Determine who will grab what
  • Memorize all escape routes from the building.

Your safety is paramount to us; please take the time to create an emergency plan today.
For your smoke detector  installation in Kenya please get in touch with us today. We are passionate about helping to protect what is valuable to you!